Crossword puzzles: ultimate leisure activity

When we are getting bore then we need something to entertain us. Well, here we are taking about entertainment which is free and crossword puzzle is one of them. Also, it is not fair to say that this game is only for leisure time but the game is played by people because it is addictive. For many people this game is a source through which they can test their skills and mental abilities. Also, here are some of the reasons as why people love to play it when they are doing nothing?

They love to face addictive but difficult challenges

The main quality of a game is that it should be challenging and difficult because only when one like to play it. If you get the answer very easily then there is lack of interest but when you solve difficult thing then you feel smart and good. This makes you to go for more and know your intelligence level. This amazing combination of addiction and challenge make it the first choice of adult people. But when you play crossword puzzle then you should take care about the following things:

· Puzzles can be easy, difficult or hard, it’s your choice which one you want to play as some people fed up with the hard one while someone with the easy one. So, choose its level according to the difficulty level and not according to other’s taste. Otherwise you will find this game boring.

· Also, have a dictionary with you as it will ease you to find out the required word plus help you to understand the meaning of the word.

Game that can be enjoyed alone

When you think about games other than android then there are very few of them which do not require nay partner to play. Crossword puzzle is capable of entertaining single player plus many young people shy to play thing game in front of others. This is because they feel embarrass if they do not able to find a simple answer of it. So, when they are alone, they can play it without any hesitation and enjoy it. But if you are one of them then I suggest you that there is nothing to be ashamed as playing alone will limit your learning chances.

· If you want to ignore this situation then play with someone who is also new to this game.

· Also, although you are playing the puzzle game in news paper, try a puzzle solver online as it will give you an idea about the answers, riddle, phrases and clues.

Keep them busy

Simply it keeps them busy in their free time. Those who work a lot cannot sit idle even for some time. This is perfect for those who are retired or going to retire in future. You can assume this game as a job but trust me it is more interesting than your job. With just a pen and newspaper, you will convert your boring time into the interesting one.

· Also, try to solve it in a difficult way rather them making them easy because it will make you to solve difficult problems and very good technique for understanding the difficult questions.

· This is because; sometime simple answers are twisted that much that it will look like a hard one to players. Also, when you have lots of time then there is no problem of spending more of your time in this game.

Healthiest game of all time

It sounds much wired when someone to tell you that game is a healthy activity but crossword puzzle is that one.  When you get old then with your body, your brain power and memory due to which you are not able to remember things like taking medicines at right time etc. But this game activates your brain signals and gives it a sweat which is like an exercise for your brain. So, with this game you will get healthy with lots of entertainment and you will love your free time instead of getting bore from it.

· Play it regularly at least for one hour or two and you will realize that all your tension and mental pressure will go away.

· Besides this, your physical health highly depends on your mental health and having a healthy mind, keep your body healthy also.

So, all these are the possible reasons due to which people play this game. Now let’s see how to make this game simpler?

Make your own theme in the puzzle

How can we do this? This is mainly the first question asked by them but actually it will make your puzzle easy. At first, solve the easy one and then relate the answers as each puzzle is related to one thing. Once you get an idea about it then you can assume their answers more easily.  So, you see it is that easy and helping to the players.

Take care about tenses

Tenses in the question tell lot about the answer but players don’t get this. At first, you should know as the tense of the sentence and then the answer will be also in the same tense. Yes, there is an exceptional case as if you are poor in figuring out tenses then there is nothing more can be done. If your mother language is different then try to make your English quite strong.

Taking a break will help you

When you get frustrated, you mostly do the wrong thing and wrong answers. Stop playing that game when it will start making you annoying and do something else instead of it. When you get cool of then you can start playing it again.

Besides all of this, you can have one more tip here and i.e. make your doubt clear rather than going for the cheating option. This will take some time but when you get its answer then you will become happier and solve it by using your won brain. So, play it and fill up your free time with something useful.

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